We are married, steadfast in our pursuit to write songs that concern the heart and speak  into the stained glass parts of us that have been broken. We are adventurers, willing to give up the comfortable to spend days on end traveling for the chance and hope to sing over you, praying for each person that walks through the door to leave better on their way out then when they came in. We may not know the burdens you carry, but we know you carry them, cause we do too. Laying down our burdens together always lightens the load. That’s what we believe music is supposed to do. 

We are flawed. We fail. And we don’t always get it right. We actually get it wrong a lot.

We’ve only ever been after connection.


Our newest song Empty Pages, premiered on The CW's Batwoman 01/12/2022. You can listen to it as well as Sugar's Always Sweeter, wherever you stream! 

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With music like this, Gleeson redefines the pop genre. Instead of looking for the next catchy sound, they go in their own direction. A direction people will be intrigued by.” - Lefuturewave


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 A powerful declaration of faith in the midst of  hopelessness. 

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