Myra and Gabe Gleason are embarking on a new era, turning the page on the last 5 years as traveling troubadours in Stereo RV. For starters, they are dropping the name and ushering in Gleeson with a new track, "I Could Use A Little Love."  Like most artists, the pandemic forced them to evolve and navigate, experimenting with new ideas and fresh approaches. 

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 "I Could Use A Little Love" is an emotionally weighted, piano-laden composition. “The song came from listening to hours of audio from voices in foster care who felt unwanted, alone, and unloved,” Myra explains. No stranger to showcasing vulnerability, the husband-and-wife duo have a talent for bringing the emotional depth that is often missing in pop music. With it’s somber chord progression, the lyrics are the centerpiece of the song, with a beautifully raw vocal performance as Myra’s expressive voice sings  “Is anybody out there?/I’ve been looking for love/ i’ve seen the darkness/ don’t mean it’s where i’m from.”  

The heart of their decision to change their name to from the kids I was working with in foster care. After two years of living and touring on the road, relocating to Sacramento from Portland, and then a pandemic, it forced us to dig deep at what we really wanted. Both Gabe and I realized that we had stopped writing the songs we wanted to write, because we were so focused on numbers and trajectory. I remember turning to Gabe and saying, “I’m more concerned with the condition of people’s heart, than writing the next catchy pop song.”Gleeson, came from a place of “shedding expectations and ideas that people, as well as ourselves, had for our music.” Myra explains, “When we started Stereo RV, we were just married, living in a literal RV, touring part-time and writing songs based off of the real life inspiration . 

With the success of their music being featured on a number of hit TV shows including “All American,” “DC Legends,” “Shameless,” “The Good Doctor,” as well as trailers for ABC and Amazon ad space, Gleeson adds the indie label Watersound Entertainment to their innovativeness and creativity.     

Gleeson, staying true to the feel good pop elements of their music, is branching out into the soul world, adding a touch of gospel flair. “We feel like now is the right time to finally make the songs we’ve always wanted to sing.”